Since the spring of 2011, Head Coach Clint Morgan has made it his mission to field a successful football team at Frederica Academy, a small private school located on Georgia’s beautiful St. Simons Island. The brand new team won six of its eight games in the inaugural 2011 season, and fans and students look forward to building an ongoing legacy of football at the academy.

The success of the program at Frederica Academy is representative of its commitment to high school athletics as part of a balanced academic environment. The school emphasizes the role of organized sports in teaching students to work together toward common goals and to develop confidence and a healthy sense of competition. In addition to football, Frederica Academy competes in track, sailing, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, and several other sports. 

About the author: Stephen F. Been, a prominent Georgia business leader, attended Frederica Academy. Mr. Been played basketball and soccer as a student and was twice voted the Academy’s Most Valuable Male Athlete.

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